Evolving Concepts in Web Presentation

Time and then there has been a huge design sophistication, in which the way a brand is presented in the Online World. Every brand wants to reach out to people & tell them about their unique concepts both contextually & visually. Competition out in the Online World has gradually made the brand aware about the growing concept design trends in which they can stand unique in the minds of the people when recalled & also while browsing through.
Times we must have also come across some sites which we refer & after a year or so we will see a total revamp or slight changes on it. So time & then people are surely working on refining the concept brand message that they want people to recognize & also make it more accessible.
There are some sites I refer for Concept Inspiration & are a great bunch to learn from the uniqueness which runs so strongly.
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Brainstorming has been a very old & a successful method / path to solve any problem. It actually plays a vital role in derivation for reasoning to any problems. In simple terms, a manual guide to a problem.

Many follow & some disagree to this method. But after using the brainstorming method for a while long now, it has helped to solve problems at faster pace & with valid logic. Brainstorming is a great tool for focus group discussion where in some instances it lasted for days & in some just a day.In the process of brainstorming there are no ideas differentiated as good or bad, its a process where all ideas are considered & decided collectively.

This methodology holistically depends on how an individual or groups start inculcate in their respective fields.

Simple 7 rules for Web


Get all the necessary info from client
a) Brief
b) Requirement
c) Everything about the brand
d) Brand they visualize as

Put down all the necessary elements needed for the site, based on the inputs by client & also the nature of the brand.

Start with a simple way of wire framing with basic pen & paper. That’s where all the creative juices come..
Still stuck? Then refer some sites online..(They help)

Start prototyping all you’re Ideas. And present the best 3. You may not no, when all goes a hit sometime.

After the client is happy. Give a shot of the best coding required.

The important one & most ignored “TESTING”, in all browsers (a crucial one in web). If you go with this, then all goes fine.

Now you are ready to launch