Random Thoughts

As the name of this blog, it is also written so. Earlier all my thoughts were confined to a book & discarded. Now as I want to shout out my point of view I’m spilling up my thoughts in this blog & this will be my first ever open thought on my blog.

All this started on a bright crisp Sunday morning when I was trying to edit my blogs background theme for an “nth time”. Where I finally found a blog theme “Aldeo”(Thanks to Albeo- by Elena G.) Now its going to be my final theme as it expresses so much about me, bright & spontaneous & also the hazy gray white color tone in the background just adds that calm touch.

Sometimes in our lifes we plan so much that we tend to forget the easy & basic methods to solve simple problems, so happened to this blog too. Where to many thoughts which got involved. After some explorations in different names & themes finally feeling that now this is my blog which reflects my visions & my thoughts. It’s so that, ones you feel it’s yours everything just falls in place no matter what hurdles you face like everything has some way to solve. It just depends on how much you get that feel good factor at the right time.