Evolving Concepts in Web Presentation

Time and then there has been a huge design sophistication, in which the way a brand is presented in the Online World. Every brand wants to reach out to people & tell them about their unique concepts both contextually & visually. Competition out in the Online World has gradually made the brand aware about the growing concept design trends in which they can stand unique in the minds of the people when recalled & also while browsing through.
Times we must have also come across some sites which we refer & after a year or so we will see a total revamp or slight changes on it. So time & then people are surely working on refining the concept brand message that they want people to recognize & also make it more accessible.
There are some sites I refer for Concept Inspiration & are a great bunch to learn from the uniqueness which runs so strongly.

NGO – WFP site
World Food Program site is a well conceptualized & a strategized site. One good reference to understand the vast content represented through simple pictorial graphics across the site. This extremely helps for one to navigate around the site.
Bright blue color palate spread across the site with some blacks, reds & white makes it more vibrant throughout.

World Food Program

Political – Obama Site
One good reference for one to study the evolution of design concept & the technology of Web 2.0 simultaneously is this site. Time and then it’s been through a vast transformation. The color palate which is a blend of patriotic colours spread across the site makes it a true brand representation.
The simple fonts, step to step user Friendly layouts & navigation helps one to smoothly go around the site.

Barack Obama Site

Ecommerce – Amazon
One of the best ecommerce site evolved over a time of period & one to sell several products in one single site. The layout of this site has been through a lot of changes. Known for its simplistic way of the payment process made the difference in the kind of speed it delivered, for people to make the buying process easier & faster.
Beautiful color palate with bright Orange, Blue on white makes it a pleasant experience to do virtual shopping.

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